Bans and illegal content

Bans and illegal content | Tocanti

Tocanti is a community of publications and web promotions for adults. Each user will be responsible for their publications, and possible infringements in the rules of use will be banning reasons.

Ban for misuse and illegal content

A user may be removed from the Tocanti community when he or she violates the rules of use, and must be committed to the proper use of the platform, fulfilling the following requirements, among others:

  • Do not use any language other than the one allowed when writing.
  • Use images related to the published video.
  • Do not link to any website that is NOT thematic for adults.
  • Do not write or publish photos about ZOOPHILIA or PEDRASTIA.
  • Do not use macabre images, images of deaths, accidents, etc.
  • Do not use the links for advertising only pages.
  • Using a readable script.
  • Text of all contents must be proper, NOT TO COPY AND Paste.

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