Benefits of being a community

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A constantly growing website

Being a community will always be active, there will always be new posts, new ads, new twitter accounts, and this is what Google loves, a website that grows more and more, day by day, and on top of that with the parameters that Google likes, with its title, its descriptions, its goals, everything well structured for the end user, all this makes us quickly position ourselves in search engines and win traffic that will benefit the collaborating websites..

A common job where we all win

The more videos we post, the more hits we generate, that's true, but the more videos other users post, the more possibilities we have to, a user who watches your video, visit our video later, so everyone's work benefits us all, as well as our work also benefits other users, we all win!

What we've achieved doesn't usually come down

Okay, imagine you've uploaded 50 videos and are generating traffic of 1,000 hits a day from Tocanti to your website with those 50 videos posted. Even if you stop uploading videos, your videos will continue to promote you free and constant web traffic, it can even grow as Tocanti grows, and all because in its day you published those 50 videos, of course if instead of 50 videos you would have continued uploading videos and carried 500 videos, daily you would have 10,000 visits per day, so it is always better to continue publishing.

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Now that you know the idea of our community, you will know that you can earn money whether or not you have a website to promote... Just post videos.

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