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Which company to monetize traffic choose? Tocanti

This is a subject that each webmaster has his own opinion, we, by our experience, work with Mobusi, as they usually pay for both visits and high....


Mobusi generates good profits, even if they are not continuous and stable daily, have always been good profits, usually have a profit that varies from one day to another but like all advertising companies, the more traffic more profits.

Using Mobusi

Once you register with Tocanti, you will be able to put in your profile the advertising code you generate in Mobusi so that each video you publish in Tocanti will be monetized. In all the videos you publish, Mobusi's advertising banners will appear underneath the video, generating profits from visits and clicks.

Restrictions on advertising

At Tocanti we only use banner ads or divs that load images simulating videos.

We don't use REDIRECT, we want to position every video you post to monetize it as best we can, so we don't need Google banning us, so we don't use REDIRECT, POP UPS, or anything like that.

Registering in Mobusi

In Mobusi, the registration is NOT automatic, you need to send a request from your website commenting that you want to use its platform to monetize, then a manager of Mobusi will contact you to ask you several questions, for Mobusi you need to have a website, in fact it is the first thing you are asked, in case you do not have websites, nothing happens, you have to tell him that you are going to monetize on the platform Tocanti (tocanti).

It is very important to register from this link and put that "you are going to work with Tocanti"

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