Make money by publishing videos

Make money online by publishing videos, earn easy money | Tocanti

In Tocanti we make it easy for you, we let you put your advertising code in all the videos you upload. Get started earning money right now!

Start earning web traffic and money

Every video you post to Tocanti, you will have the option to add your own ad, we currently work with Mobusi and Plugrsuh, so you will have to register on their platform and create your own ads, and with the generated codes add them in every video you upload in Tocanti.

Double winnings! At Tocanti and on your website

If you use advertising on your website and also use it in Tocanti, you will have double the profits because whether they enter Tocanti or your website, the advertising will be yours and the benefits also yours.

More sugar, more gentler...

Of course, the more videos you upload, the more chances you have to watch your videos, and therefore, more visits to your website and more profits generated in your advertising. Having 5 videos posted is not the same as having 500 videos, profits and traffic will change dramatically. It's all up to you, shall we start?

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Now that you know the idea of our community, you will know that you can earn money whether or not you have a website to promote... Just post videos.

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