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Against more publications, greater benefits

Imagine, a webmaster wants to promote their website and starts uploading videos. On the first day 50 videos are uploaded, all with texts, images, descriptions, goals, etc., on the second day another 50 videos are uploaded, and so on during the following days. If it's done right, it may work and start to gain traffic progressively and slowly, but... who uploads 50 videos every day? And if we see that the visits don't go up very often, we get desperate and even throw in the towel...

Okay, now imagine that 1,000 webmasters registered in the Tocanti community upload 1 video per day, that's 1,000 videos per day among all users, 7,000 videos per week, 30,000 videos per month... Imagine what Tocanti can grow when we reach these numbers of users and publications, imagine when we surpass those figures, and who will benefit from all this traffic. Users who have posted videos on Tocanti benefit from having a link to their website on every video uploaded.

Now imagine being paid for every visit to the video you've posted, do you like the idea?

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Now that you know the idea of our community, you will know that you can earn money whether or not you have a website to promote... Just post videos.

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