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What do we need to publish a video? Step by step to publish a video in Tocanti

What videos do we publish in Tocanti?

First of all, Tocanti is not a platform for uploading personal videos, what we publish are videos from other large porn sites that allow the distribution of your videos on other sites.

First of all, register

To publish, you will obviously have to register in Tocanti, and once logged in, go to "VIDEOS > Publish new video"

Searching for a video automatically

In Tocanti we make it easy for you, you don't need to browse other websites looking for videos to publish, preparing your photo, etc... We have put a button so that it is done automatically and take both the video code and the photo of the video, so it's all much faster.

Click on "Find a video" and you will see how a photo and the video code are automatically uploaded.

Filling out the publication

Once you have added the video code and your photo, all we have to do is fill in the video fields, its title, short description, long description, category and labels.

This part is the most important of all because the better it is written, the better it will position the video and the more visits you will have. This is why it is necessary (and obligatory) to fill in all the fields with minimum requirements.

Monetize your video and earn money

If you want to earn money with your videos, we give you the option to paste your advertising monetization code and start earning money with each visit.

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Now that you know the idea of our community, you will know that you can earn money whether or not you have a website to promote... Just post videos.

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