Sexy Latina a Survery- Ends up fuckung the respondent

It was a hot day that summer days where the sun is strong and warmas your body when I walked I saw a man and I approached him to conduct a survey of life but I saw it very attractive and asked his about my body if he liked it or if he looked sexy! I LIKE HIS PRAISE THAT EXCITED ME BUT HE TOOK THE FIRST ACTION AND GRABBED MY HAND AND WE WENT TO HIS HOUSE! When we arrived I started to wet my clothe in the bathroom to take off the summer heat but little by litle I was getting more excited until he began to take off my red dress and letting my delicate youthful and hot body come out, I began to pay withe my breasts, making me more excited when I DECIDED TO KISSHIM. I was very overpowered when I took off his pantiens and tha huge dick came out to suck it and as it entered my entire mouth I felt my throat collide. Aftewards I took his huge cock and penetrated me through my pussy. He hardly entered as big as he was. He penetrated me as if it were a motor that does not stop robbing me. THAT . PUSSY LEFT ME RED.


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