Who we are?

Tocanti, a community that promotes porn sites | Tocanti

Tocanti is a community of users who benefit from the opportunity offered by our community, the benefits are, among others, increased traffic to the registered member's website, increased ranking of its website thanks to the links provided in Tocanti in different sections of the website, increased followers in Twitter accounts promoted in Tocanti, as well as economic gains thanks to the fact that Tocanti gives you the option to put your advertising code in.

The beginnings

They say that the beginnings are difficult, and with the launches of adult websites the same thing happens, you launch a website and expect that the visits will shoot up, you expect to appear in the search engines trying to gain more visibility, and in the end, after a lot of work, the visits are not what we expected...

Then, you look for more options to increase traffic, exchange links, search in forums, buy advertising banners, etc... and sometimes the results are not what we expected either...

Those were our beginnings, trying to increase our visits, promoting ourselves in forums, buying banners, and... without seeing the expected results, until one day, an idea changed the way we saw things.

A new idea, a new challenge

One day, looking for pages to promote our websites, we didn't find any that let us promote, they all asked for a link in return, in others was not even active link exchange button, other websites had even removed the option to exchange links, come on, we didn't find anything to promote our websites, nothing other than directories pages links... So we thought that what was happening to us, more people would be happening to us as well.

A community to promote our websites!

And the idea came out on its own, a website that grows and evolves thanks to the publications of thousands of users. But what does a registered user gain if he uploads a video? We had to think that a user is not going to publish a video unless you win something in return, so we think about traffic, putting a link next to the video you have posted, the user's website would gain traffic and reputation, so we start shaping the idea and launch mepajeo. com. In two months and without any publication on our part, we already had more than 1,000 videos published by our users, this was working! so we continued to improve the idea...

A community where everyone wins

After seeing that the launch of mepajeo. com was a success, we thought of launching another website but improving much more the functionalities of the previous one.

This is where Tocanti appears, a community for adults that, where the user can upload videos and have their website appear as a link in the video, offers many more functionalities, benefits such as:

  • Win money with uploaded videos.
  • Promote your Twitter accounts.
  • Link videos from your websites in Tocanti.
  • Promote you on the bulletin board.
  • Add your website to your directory.
  • Reserve your advertising space.
  • Competitions and prizes among users.

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Now that you know the idea of our community, you will know that you can earn money whether or not you have a website to promote... Just post your videos.

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